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Vega Mix: Fairy town

Vega Mix: Fairy town is a fun game in which you will join the mayor and a young girl named Vika as they work to revive the spirit of the holiday season. Connecting puzzle pieces and solving puzzles will allow you to overcome difficult match-3 levels, allowing you to solve various challenges and assist the mayor in overcoming problems.

The aim of this game is for you to do various activities throughout the town. You will need stars to get there and to get stars you will need to play puzzles. At the beginning of the game, the activities are simple and can end with one or two stars. However, as you move through the game and unlock additional locations, you will need more stars to complete the objectives. Because you only have a limited number of moves to solve the puzzles, it's in your best interest to use boosters whenever you get the chance to do so. Can you save the town and determine who is responsible after this disaster?


  • Colorful 2D graphics.
  • Many different levels.
  • Different boosters.

How To Play

  • Click to perform the puzzle task.

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