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Venetian Love Affair

In Venetian Love Affair, you will become a fashion stylist for two girlfriends to wear a memorable fancy dress and travel to the fun city of Venice. Are you curious about putting your stylist skills to the test and creating some killer looks?

Waiting for you are two lovely young girls eagerly awaiting the evening when they can join the carnival and feel the romance of Venice. To start, choose a stylish image for the first fashionista and help her get started. First, we need to come up with one-of-a-kind masks and designs that will absolutely impress them. The next step is to choose a gorgeous dress, jewelry and accessories yourself. Try out a few different possibilities to choose the most appealing one. Don't forget to choose a hairstyle and fashion accessories reminiscent of Valentine's Day. Recreate one-of-a-kind looks for our heroines while soaking up the Venetian atmosphere and showing off your skills as a fashion stylist.

How To Play

  • Click to choose suitable items for the girl.

To prepare for a mystical trip into the world of love and secrets, get ready to embark on this game and others like Fashion Brand 3D, Summer Festivals Fashion.


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