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Vex 4

About Vex 4

In Vex 4, you must navigate from platform to platform without falling victim to any of the numerous deadly traps that litter the game's levels. A dash and a hop to the flag! These are the designated inspection areas. When you touch one of these safe zones, a green light will appear. Learn to use your newfound abilities to climb, jump, swim, and fly over any obstacles you may face. This wacky stickman game will put your reflexes to the test. Complete all 9 levels, including the Vexation and the Challenge Room, with flying colors! You've been chosen for yet another Vex endurance trial. There are a lot of obstacles to get over, and your reaction time will determine how well you do in each level. Is this episode up to snuff to beat out Vex 4? 

How to play Vex 4

You can move about with the arrow keys or WASD. Pressing R will take you back one level.


How To Play


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