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Vex 7

About Vex 7

The platforms in Vex 7 are dangerous, thus players will need to leap around like they're doing parkour in order to go from one point to another. Avoid all obstacles, including spikes and laser-firing security cameras. It's a case of "jumping" from one wall to the next, collecting coins, and eventually unlocking the door to the next level. Vex 7 presents the ultimate test of your abilities once more. As you make your way through some of the game's most perilous stages, you'll be tasked with a wide range of missions and given the chance to earn a plethora of rewards. Throughout the course through the maze, your hero will find several items of clothing and other valuables. Come play along right away!

How to play Vex 7

The arrow keys allow for sliding, jumping, and running. If you want to advance to a higher level, just keep jumping. Press the spacebar to assault foes and smash glass blocks. Master the art of instantaneous response and go on an adventure through all the levels!


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