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Word Wipe

About Word Wipe

Word Wipe is a fun variation on the classic word search game because its constraints are more lax, allowing for a wider variety of possible combinations of base words. When you take out a few words, you can replace them with a variety of other words. As a new take on the classic word search genre, Word Wipe is sure to keep you entertained. The alphabet can be read both clockwise and anticlockwise. Create words by linking up letter tiles, then use them to clear out as many rows as possible. By combining them into words, the tiles vanish from the game board. This causes the higher letters to slide lower, resulting in some fun and novel permutations. Use your word-building skills to clear as many rows as possible. The question is, how far can you get?

How to play Word Wipe

Discovering the hidden words on the board is essential to the game of Word Wipe. To remove the tiles, click on the corresponding letters in the word. The initial letters are revealed when the floor tiles vanish.


How To Play


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