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Words Match

Words Match is a premium word connect game, it offers a fresh and engaging approach to playing word challenges and testing your intelligence. The object of the game is to match the images on the card with the words printed on them.

Dog, cat, bear, flower and reindeer are just some of the animals and words included in this important educational toy. There are also many other animals and words that little ones will love. Using an engaging combination of word search and spelling, you can generate hundreds of words of varying lengths. While you are trying to improve your score by achieving the goals given in each individual level, you also need to upgrade your word tiles to continue progressing. Words Match allows you to relax while also challenging your brain about the world around you. Can you pass all the levels?

How To Play

  • Click to match the image with the appropriate words.

Our Puzzle collection always has fun games like 4 Pix Word Quiz available for you to explore. Please continue to show your intelligence!

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