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Worm Out: Brain Teaser Games

Worm Out: Brain Teaser Games is a fun puzzle game that can be played online, in which players must solve logic puzzles to protect fruit from nasty bugs. You will be tasked with doing everything in your power to try to save the lives of fruits and vegetables that have been attacked by bugs that are both harmful and destructive.

To remove worms from fruit, players must use a variety of equipment. The player is asked to make a decision about the fate of the worms after each successful extraction. They can send worms to heaven or send them to hell. As a result of this decision, players are required to consider the consequences of their actions, which brings an intriguing new strategic dimension to Worm Out: Brain Teaser Games. Make the most of your mental powers, carefully consider every action you make and find solutions to many fascinating puzzles by eliminating all the pests and insects before the end of the season. damaged membrane. You are the one who decides which of them will turn into a beautiful butterfly and which one will be sent to the dungeon.

How To Play

  • Click to protect worm-infested fruits and solve puzzles.

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