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Yes or No Challenge

In the game Yes or No Challenge, you will enter an extremely intense competition, in which your task is to choose the answer to receive an alternative prize. You will enjoy lots of gifts, surprises, answers and questions. Specify your gift and pose your query!

At the start of the game, choose your skin avatar, then earn more coins to use as you progress. There are many questions whose answer is Yes or No. Choose the appropriate answer from the list of options when answering the question, then ask your opponent to choose the same answer to check whether you have answered correctly. The player who accumulates the most earned gifts wins, but be sure to accept some nice gifts instead of some terrible ones. You can win this quiz war if you have solid knowledge!

How To Play

  • 1 player mode: Click to choose the answer.
  • 2 player mode: Use WAD or arrow keys.

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