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Zumar Deluxe is a fun exploration game, and you will be the only one whose path is blocked by marbles and your goal is to shoot and destroy them all. You are required to complete all levels in challenge mode, assist Frog Marble Defense in Jungle Marble and work to earn three stars in each individual level. The Marbles game contains more engaging levels than a variety of temple quests. Frozen rocks, Rainbow stones, Bombs and countless other fascinating objects are waiting for you to discover as you shoot the marbles.


How To Play

  • To get started, tap the area of ​​the screen where you want to take a photo.
  • To eliminate a group of marbles, you must first match three or more marbles of the same type. Remove all marbled lines from the string before it comes to a conclusion.
  • To get the maximum score possible in marble games, try to hit as many combinations and chains of marble shooters as possible.
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