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Assassin Commando Car Driving

Assassin Commando Car Driving is a vertical version car combat arcade game with 3D animated vehicles, you will sit behind the wheel of combat cars. As you travel through various vibrant locations, you will receive daily incentives while participating in the game. Are you ready for this race?

These races will take place on deadly wastelands alive with bands of bandits and more dangerous opponents ready to do anything to get resources. Mechanical arms, machine guns, and bulkheads are all part of your car. When the machine gun skill is ready, you have the ability to shoot enemy vehicles, punch them in the side and stab them before shooting. First and foremost, I highly recommend updating the siding. When attacking a target from the side, it is more difficult to stab the target's back. Only after completing a predetermined number of levels will you be able to visit the garage, where you will have the opportunity to choose from eight different cars. The more missions you successfully complete in Assassin Commando Car Driving, the more money you earn, which you can use to buy more powerful weapons and equipment.

How To Play

  • Just press the left mouse button and move the cursor in the desired direction to control the car.

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