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Jeep: Mad Driving

About Jeep: Mad Driving

In the amazing 3D racing game Jeep: Mad Driving you have to play as Monster Truck or any off-road vehicle in many challenging levels. There are some hurdles that can only be overcome using a combination of speed and braking. If it's flipped or broken, forget about the mission. There are over a hundred difficulty levels where you can test your driving skills on a variety of vehicles, some of which may surprise you a bit. There is always an end goal to be achieved, but the path to that goal can vary from level to level. To get the maximum score, you need to drive with absolute precision, incredible speed and the ability to get in and out of traffic with ease. If you are a lover of high speed, then you will definitely want to watch the Biker Battle 3D. 


How To Play

Use the up, down, left and right arrow keys to steer and drive. Press the A key to use the nitro boost.


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