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Ball Surfer 3D

Ball Surfer 3D is an endless ball adventure that is both fun and challenging, in which you must avoid obstacles and earn points to unlock more balls. Control the ball as it rushes down the track; Your life depends on turning right and turning left at the right time.

Mastering the art of ball control is the starting point of your journey. Stay away from the red bricks on the track if you value your safety. In contrast, yellow blocks pose no threat. Making sure you stay safe and follow the yellow arrows will be your main concern, but don't forget to hunt for gems whenever you can. You can buy everything from the game store with gems, boosters, and new skins in Ball Surfer 3D. There are three boosters used here: shield, magnet and multiplier. The magnet will collect gems near you, the shield will make you immune to damage for a while, and the multiplier will double the number of gems you collect. Using gems and boosters wisely will allow you to reach new levels and break records.


  • Beautiful 3D graphics.
  • Interesting enhancement options.
  • Endless gameplay with challenging obstacles.

How To Play

  • Use A/D keys or left/right arrows.

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