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Battboy Adventure 2

About Battboy Adventure 2

In the game Battboy Adventure 2, your mission is to take control of Battboy and make your way through eight fierce levels full of enemies and danger! Try to collect all three stars in each level, the difficulty level gradually from one level to the next. Stick to the platforms with your grappling gun, defeat the enemies with your boomerang and move on to the next level. You will not feel satisfied until you have completed everything the game has to offer. You can get extra lives for each level by watching ads, then you can continue where you left off to make again. Squid Adventures is quite similar game available in our collection, you can try it!

How To Play

Move with the WASD key on computer devices; to shoot boomerang use "J" KEY; for grappling shooting use "K" KEY.

To perform any action on a mobile device, use the buttons shown on the screen.

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