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Christmas Survival

About Christmas Survival

Christmas Survival is a super fun spooky holiday game where the only goal is to survive until the end of the night. Try to survive as long as possible and earn enough money to buy new equipment. Christmas holiday is coming so enjoy all the festivities in similar games like Pig Ball Christmas or Snow Rider 3D.

It is said that on Christmas Day, in the ruins of an old castle, a strange thing happened: all the snowmen came to life and all they wanted to do was bite everyone with their teeth. his big fangs. They are not alone and the only thing you can do is stay alive, use your weapons wisely and try to keep yourself alive. Wish you have fun!

How to play Christmas Survival

To move, use the WASD key or the arrow keys. Use the left mouse button to shoot, the C key to crouch, the R key to reload and F to pick up the gun.

How To Play


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