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Circle Shooter Master

Circle Shooter Master is an exciting action game in which you will be tested on both your reflexes and accuracy while on a mission to eliminate the boss. Run in a circle, shoot bosses, collect resources, build towers, defend blocks and grab things that drop on the circle. All of these are part of the game.

To progress in this game, you will need to shoot the circles displayed on the screen in various colors and sizes. To increase your score, you must attack more circles. Be careful, however, because some circles will move faster, change direction, or break into smaller circles. So, to keep up with the progress, you need to be quick and precise, unlocking various types of games, levels and achievements. You also have the ability to personalize your shooter by applying various skins and effects. You need to watch out for the boss's attacks and eliminate him before he can do any damage to you. Experience the fun of this game now!


How To Play

  • Click the mouse or touch screen to attack the scoring circles.

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