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Craft Drill

In the Craft Drill game you will be able to harness a powerful drill and embark on an incredible mining expedition and uncover buried treasures. Aim to become the most successful mining tycoon possible by overcoming difficult levels, working on improving your skills, and challenging yourself.

Resource mining involves mining coal, iron, gold, and diamonds to accumulate cash and open up opportunities to take advantage of your luxury mining infrastructure. By upgrading your drill, you can turn it from a simple tool into an unstoppable force. Additionally, you can carefully switch between attachments like the wooden shovel, stone shovel, iron pickaxe, and diamond pickaxe to maximize the amount of resources you can mine. Use a smart approach to resource management to build and expand your mining empire. As you become an expert in resource extraction, you will be able to go deeper underground, overcome difficult challenges and watch your mining empire expand. Are you ready to take the plunge to achieve unimaginable wealth?

How To Play

  • Click on the location to dig to collect treasure.

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