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Crash Car Parkour Simulator

In Crash Car Parkour Simulator, you will have the opportunity to experience the extreme excitement of crushing and destroying cars at tremendous speed. You should experiment with various car destruction methods, such as using a trampoline, crashing into other vehicles, and driving at high speeds.

The vehicles will be put through a real crash test! There are many challenges that you will have to overcome to reach the finish line but you have to get there. A variety of tools, like car crushers, giant hammers and others, will try to crush you and turn your car into a pile of junk. If you have a serious crash, your car will be broken into pieces and you will need to rely on your driving skills to survive. Prove that you are a skilled car driver. Imagine you are sitting in the driver's seat of the car and start taking action right away!

How To Play

  • WASD/ arrow = move
  • Spacebar = handbrake
  • Q/ E = left/right turn signal
  • X = car flashing lights
  • C = change camera mode.

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