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Crazy Boy Escape From The Cave

In Crazy Boy Escape From The Cave, you are taken on an endless roller coaster with exciting adventures to collect points through jumps. Take control of a lost boy and explore various cave landscapes while facing countless enemies.

Jumping and evading opponents is the key to completing levels and earning points. In this game you will encounter a lot of enemies and tunnels. The exciting gameplay of this game keeps you guessing as you try to complete the two objectives of evasion and collecting points through jumps. Jumping from ledge to ledge will get your hero out of the cave. Prepare to face goblin guards armed with clubs in Crazy Boy Escape From The Cave. Your hero must be one step ahead of them. Hit the stick to harm your hero and send him back to prison if he encounters even a single guard. Higher scores will be yours with each successful jump. Always be on top of your game because the game will continue until you are defeated!

Tips and Tricks

  • Must always be alert and react quickly to avoid enemies.
  • One of the most important survival skills is learning to anticipate your opponent's tendencies.
  • Even though the action is slower, score as many points as possible.

How To Play

  • Tap the mouse or screen to launch yourself into a giant leap.

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