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Crazy Zoo Swipe - Match 3 Puzzle Game

Welcome to Crazy Zoo Swipe - Match 3 Puzzle Game! In this game, identical creatures are connected here to eliminate them and get the highest score possible. A fox named Robin is roaming around the zoo and he will be tasked with rescuing some animals.

The playing field inside will be divided into cells and displayed in front of you on the screen. Faces of a variety of animals will be added to each animal. When you complete your mission, it will be displayed above the playing field. It is essential that you check everything in detail. Find the faces of the creatures you require, they are in adjacent cells. You need to use a single line to connect them to the mouse. In Crazy Zoo Swipe - Match 3 Puzzle Game, as soon as you do this, those faces will disappear from the playing surface and as a result you will be awarded points for your progress. You can access the next level of the game once you have collected all available animal faces. Then, if you encounter a challenging level, use it wisely so it can unleash an immeasurable amount of magic.

How To Play

  • Use the mouse to click on the connectable cells on the screen.

We always have interesting games available for you to experience such as Push Puzzle Rescue Adventure, Zoocraft. Come join us once you complete this fun game!

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