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Push Puzzle Rescue Adventure

About Push Puzzle Rescue Adventure

The goal of the Push Puzzle Rescue Adventure puzzle action game is to free the adorable animals from danger by removing obstacles in their way. To reach the cute creatures, you need to push, move and destroy objects to reach. If you can quickly complete every level of Push Puzzle, you can use your earned stars to buy special stickers for your meticulously handcrafted album. This space puzzle can be solved by placing the pieces in the most favorable configuration. This game has some amazing puzzles and if you get stuck you can always start over. For example, Join Blocks 2048 Number Puzzle is one of our popular puzzle games.

How To Play

To go somewhere, use the arrow keys or the mouse to select the area. To get to the zoo, you need to move the rocks and trash cans out of the way. Try to find the key and open the door, but beware of the tangled vines.

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