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Drac & Franc

About Drac & Franc

In the video game Drac & Franc, your goal is to help Dracula and Frankenstein navigate dangerous dungeons during their dungeon adventure. The characters are very different from each other, but they get along as a team and go through some interesting adventures together. And the only way they can deal with them is if they make careful use of each of their individual talents.

There will be cases when just collecting everything will not be enough to complete a level. To overcome the obstacles on your way to the exit, you will need to reach the high points, pull the lever and push the button. Although these individuals come from unique backgrounds, they must work together to conquer all obstacles. Some of our similar games can also help you like Mr. Dracula.

How To Play

You can control the Franc using the arrow keys on your keyboard. You can control the Drac by pressing the WASD keys in that order.

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