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Dream Pet Link

About Dream Pet Link

In the game Dream Pet Link, you must initiate a domino effect by combining pets and clearing adjacent tiles. There are many cute animals in this picture - lion, snake, cat, bat, etc. - you'll have to have a keen eye to spot patterns. To get to the next level of Dream Pet Link, you must match groups of identical tiles together. The image features cute creatures like lions, penguins, and sheep. Complete all nine stages by quickly matching tiles of the same color to remove them. An important challenge for individuals who enjoy playing online games is getting through all nine stages. Each level in Dream Pet Link comes with six rich tips, and the game can be paused at any time if you need to pause hunting the adorable animal tiles. Enter the game and see if you can find as many matching sets as you can before time runs out. If you like games with similar effects, try our System Puzzle or Join Blocks 2048 Number Puzzle!

How to play Dream Pet Link

With the left mouse button, you can click groups of tiles to separate them and remove them. As in mahjong, you can only remove tiles from the board if they are adjacent to each other along an edge.

How To Play


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