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Extreme Runway Racing

Challenge your driving talent in Extreme Runway Racing. With the goal of surpassing your competitors, are you ready to prove that you are among the leaders? This game offers many different tracks so you will have plenty of opportunities to show off your abilities.

To start, select the game mode before selecting the vehicle. While you'll unlock more options as you progress through the game, you won't have access to all the vehicles at once. After overcoming the difficult and demanding races of the Extreme Runway Racing game, only the top racers can win. If that's the case, buckle up, settle down and put your foot down to prove your dominance over your competitors! Be careful with sudden corners; If you don't adjust your speed, you risk crashing, losing momentum and falling backwards. Everyone likes to be on top, but getting there takes time and effort.


  • Beautiful 3D graphics.
  • Different cars to unlock and use.
  • Many different racing tracks.

How To Play

Player 1:

  • Move with arrow keys.
  • H key is used to revive.

Player 2:

  • Move using WASD
  • Revive with the C key.

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