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Fun Obby Extreme

Fun Obby Extreme is a parkour-style game that takes place in three-dimensional space, the goal is to help baby Obby jump across platforms. Hone your parkour abilities while exploring a vast city, leveling up and purchasing new equipment.

This is a course made up of platforms, balloons, stairs and other things in the air; If you fall to the ground, you lose and have to start again. To win a level, you need to assist Obby in reaching the trophy located at the end of the course. You should repeat this process for three levels, each level more difficult than the previous one. Head to the store to change your skin, add headwear, and appear any way your imagination wants you to look. You can do this by earning coins by completing running and jumping activities.

How To Play

  • Use arrow keys to move around.
  • Press the Space key to jump.
  • Use the mouse to look around.

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