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Geometry Lite

Welcome to the adventure Geometry Lite, a fun geometry game in which you guide your character through levels while dodging all kinds of hazards. To succeed, you will have to master your character and guide them through dangerous obstacles and difficult levels.

There are different levels and each has its own difficulty setting. When you collide with an obstacle, you will be eliminated from the game. There are many obstacles to overcome in this ride, including walls, spikes, etc. When you fly over the spikes, you will be able to walk on high walls. They will destroy your character as soon as you crash into them and the game will be over. You will definitely be satisfied with this game thanks to its beautiful graphics and rich sound. Hope you quickly complete the challenge and win!

How To Play

  • Left click or tap the screen to help the character jump.

If you're looking to improve your jumping skills, try our similar games: Geometry Dash Subzero, Geometry Jump.


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