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Geometry Stack 2048 Run

Geometry Stack 2048 Run is an entertaining and challenging online puzzle and runner game where you need to slide the screen to move the blocks. The main components of the game will include items such as blocks with digital value as well as a little man whose job is to collect these pieces.

You can make a block of eight out of two blocks of four, and so on. Before crossing the finish line, you must create a larger number. You will help him move on a straight and fast path, must point him in the direction of multi-colored blocks scattered on the path so he can collect them. No need to use any tricks; All you have to do is collect everything you find in the maximum amount. The hero will continue running along the colorful path, losing numerical values until there are no numbers left and the cube will disappear. Have fun playing this game!

How To Play

  • Slide on the touch screen or click the mouse to move your block.

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