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Hero Pipe

In the game Hero Pipe, the hunter sets out on a journey to find treasure and rescue the princess, but the obstacles he encounters hinder his progress. Guide the hero through a never-ending series of extreme situations.

An evil person has set a trap for you while you are on your way to plunder. To escape this nightmare and complete your mission, you must accurately connect multiple pipes so that the enemy is submerged in water. This will grant you the super power you will need to detonate your prison and escape. You must find a way to get water for the Orcs in Hero Pipe. Another option is to use magic location to imbue your hero with extraordinary powers—just be careful not to drown him—by spraying him with water pipes. After you connect the pipes in the correct sequence, the hero will be able to retrieve the buried treasure and rescue the princess from the clutches of monsters, wolves and dragons. Use all your intelligence to solve the puzzles and succeed so you and your loved ones can return home safely.

How To Play

  • Click to take the hero through obstacles.

Are you ready to rescue the princess? After completing the mission, you can participate in additional games Hero Story - Monsters Crossing or Rescue Hero to experience.

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