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Hippo Supermarket

In the game Hippo Supermarket, a charming hippo named Jack Ma has great hopes of becoming a supermarket owner and he is asking for your help. You can make money in this entertaining and addictive game by combining similar goods to create better ones, then selling them.

Help him realize his ambitions by running a successful store in this thrilling and exciting game. In Hippo Supermarket, you upgrade your products by combining the same items. You can make money by selling the merged and flattened things that you have acquired. Jack Ma's ability to invest in supermarkets increases proportionally to your level of wealth. Figuring out the best way to manage your supermarket and make the most money will test your ability to think strategically. Play through the game's many levels, each with its own unique abilities and challenges that are both fun and difficult. Wishing you the success you expect!

How To Play

  • Use the mouse or touch the screen to select goods to make money.

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