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Home Pin 2

Home Pin 2 is an exciting 2D puzzle game in which you will start your journey through the world of pins with the task of removing pins from items. With a fascinating family storyline, do you feel really ready for this challenge?

Although removing staples is simple, it is important to be mindful of the item's location in relation to the correct exit when prioritizing their removal. As a sequel to Home Pin 1, there will be other potential dangers in the glass box in addition to the item itself. Among these, bombs that explode on contact are the most prominent. You may need to try again if the item falls out of one of the wrong exits. You can earn coins and unlock new levels by solving puzzles. With each stage in Home Pin 2, you must ensure that mother or child receives the item they are looking for by carefully placing it in a glass box. You will have to start the puzzle again if it is broken or does not go to the end.


How To Play

  • Hover over the pins and then press the left mouse button to drag the pins out of the item.

Join your friends to challenge to see who will be the winner, wish you success in this exciting game!

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