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Human Ball 3D

Enter a new universe in Human Ball 3D, where you must lead a group of people through a series of portals to transform them into a giant human ball. Take your human ball as far as possible using speed and strategy to conquer obstacles.

Pass through the ultimate gate and gather all humans into a ball. As you guide your human ball through each level, you'll encounter obstacles, collect coins, and have the opportunity to level up. To progress in the game and unlock more difficult levels, you must collect points along the route. Your safety comes first, so stay away from dangerous gates, obstacles and traps. Your excitement and motivation will stay high as you progress through the levels of Human Ball 3D, facing increasingly more difficult obstacles and more formidable opponents.

Tips and Tricks

  • Build the biggest human ball possible to overcome all obstacles.
  • Aim for the middle of the obstacle whenever possible to yield more points.
  • Don't forget to spend money on upgrades that can increase your strength and speed.


  • User-friendly interface.
  • Challenge your speed and agility.
  • Many stages with increasingly difficult missions.

How To Play

  • Click or swipe left/right on the touch screen.

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