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Muscle Man Rush

Muscle Man Rush originates from a boxing game in which players are challenged to demonstrate their heroic potential by conquering countless obstacles. To overcome your opponents in this entertaining hyper-casual competition, you'll need to combine your running and boxing talents with your quick reflexes.

Utilize your powerful fists to level up and defeat dangerous enemies, including the final boss, who will finally show your superiority. Make quick left and right turns to grab the glove lying on the ground, then watch how your power points increase. The level of opponents you can defeat is determined by this score. There is also the ability to engage in combat with low-level enemies to take their attack points and gain an advantage over subsequent enemies.

To complete achievements and receive surprise rewards in Muscle Man Rush, you must complete the levels successfully. These prizes can be used to buy new clothes for your character and personalize your appearance in a variety of ways. Do you have the ability to successfully emerge as the most tenacious and stubborn player to overcome your competitors?


  • Beautiful 3D graphics.
  • Character design that is easy to play and fun.
  • Customize unlocking easily.

How To Play

  • Click to start and move left/right to get the glove.

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