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Hunters vs Props Online

Hunters vs Props Online is a dynamic and thrilling hunting and hiding game that offers multiple modes to keep the adrenaline pumping to advance to new modes. You can transform into a prop and blend into the map, avoiding hunters or become a hunter with the mission of finding, capturing and eliminating players disguised as props.

There are many modes for you to transform into a cover to hide or become a hunter to search and destroy opponents. Equip yourself with the PropFinder utility. When ready, the green LED flashes, indicating activation. Press the left mouse button (LMB) to activate PropFinder, starting to search for props. A green LED signals the detection of props in your area, accompanied by taunts, while a red LED indicates no props were found. Be creative and use your surroundings to avoid detection. Experience the excitement for yourself now!

How To Play

  • WASD/arrow: move
  • Mouse: look around and shoot
  • Space: jump
  • Q key: sound
  • Keys 1-5: select weapon.

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