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Noob Shooter Zombie

About Noob Shooter Zombie

In the Noob Shooter Zombie video game, you'll have to defend yourself against hordes of cubic undead that will appear as you progress in the game. The ability to react quickly and shoot accurately will be your two most important weapons in the battle for survival. You will encounter cubic zombies armed with a variety of weapons at each step, end it by using your weapon against the katana and attacking it.

There are eight varied and exciting maps to choose from. Along the path you're on, ammo chests will occasionally appear in front of you, allowing you to collect the ammunition needed to keep reloading your weapons. However, to access the unlocked maps, you will need to use the coins that you have accumulated in the game. This leaves you with the hard work of fighting to kill more zombies and collect cash. Some other games that can help you practice your skills like Stupid Zombies. Wish you have fun!

How To Play

  • Use mouse and arrow keys to move and observe.


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