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Impostor Hook Master

Impostor Hook Master is a smart hook arcade game with 3D animations, you have to use your skills to catch enemies on the other side of the board. I'm happy to know that you will be the first winner of this match.

An extraterrestrial creature of the Pretender race must gain control of a river bridge, which is guarded by his enemies. This journey will become easier for him with your help in the game Impostor Hook Master. Your hero will be in a specific area that you will show on the screen before you do anything else. He will use a unique weapon that can be fired from the Pretender's hand to do this. By controlling the character, you will be able to place him in front of your opponent and make a throw. In case you aim well, the weapon will attack the enemy, causing him to be eliminated. There will be points awarded to you for this. You should aim your hook towards the opposite side while trying your best to win against as many opponents as possible. The more enemies you capture, the more points you accumulate.

How To Play

  • Click to aim and eliminate enemies.

The exciting journey doesn't stop here. We always welcome you to the games in our collection: Rescue Hero, Help imposter escape.

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