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Infantry Attack Battle 3D FPS

In the ultimate war Infantry Attack Battle 3D FPS, the enemy is launching an attack on our country, and everyone is counting on you to defend it. Your enemies are easy to eliminate, and you must complete each mission to achieve final victory.

Take out your weapons and get ready to start fighting. As you progress in the game, you will be assigned many missions that serve a variety of purposes. These missions may include hacking enemy devices, stealing their flags, disrupting their logistics operations, and other similar goals. However, to complete all these missions, you will need to destroy enemy troops in sequential order. Of course, they will immediately start shooting back at you, so you should stay away from them for as long as possible. If you lose all your health points, you will automatically lose. You can improve your weapons by purchasing them with money earned from missions and then use them in subsequent missions. Let's start taking action now!


How To Play

  • Arrow keys = move
  • Press Space = jump
  • Shift = run
  • E/Q = peeking at one of the two sides
  • Mouse = aim/fire weapon.

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