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Kris Mahjong

About Kris Mahjong

In the world of mahjong matching games, Kris Mahjong has long established itself as a standard game whose goal is to remove pairs of tiles from the board. By touching two identical fruit and vegetable images, you will be able to combine them into a single image. Otherwise, you won't be able to remove the pairs unless you can draw a line connecting them together. This line is allowed to make up to two ninety-degree turns and must not cross any other tile in any way.

Part of the time will be added to the orange bar on the right side of the screen if you make a combination. This means that you will be able to keep playing for a short while longer than usual. Keep playing some of our similar games like Mahjong Dimensions.

How To Play

To remove a pair of cells from the table, tap the matching cells. Completing each level before the timer's orange bar ends is a requirement.


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