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Mahjong Match Club

Welcome to the exciting mahjong game Mahjong Match Club, you will witness a playing field completely covered with tiles in front of you on the screen. Vision and tactics are both challenged in this game. Are you capable of completing the effort?

Choose two identical mahjong and eliminate them. Once removed, a movable green area will be displayed. You should move a mahjong tile until there are no obstacles in the horizontal or vertical direction it is facing. Through the use of the mouse, you will be asked to select the cells on which they will be displayed. This way you will be able to remove them from the playing area and as a result you will be awarded points in the Mahjong Club game. Move on to the next level of the game as soon as all the tiles on the field have been cleared. Can you complete the level in the shortest time?

How To Play

  • Click on identical mahjong tiles to eliminate them.

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