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Merge Shooter

In the fun and challenging tower defense video game Merge Shooter, you must defend the galaxy by combining turrets to repel alien invasions. To strengthen your defense, you will need to use special abilities as you overcome levels filled with obstacles.

You'll find yourself in the middle of a war to defend your lands as you play this strategic and engaging game. The use of tanks as the first line of defense is the main driving force behind the gameplay. You will need to buy new tanks and then merge them strategically to strengthen your defenses. As a result of the Merge Shooter fusion process, their power and effectiveness are increased, allowing you to defend yourself against the constantly attacking hordes of monsters. To further enhance your tanks' abilities, you have the ability to increase their power both as you are progressing through levels and between levels. In case you succeed in eliminating monsters, you will be rewarded with valuable items that can be used to obtain more tanks, thereby increasing the size of your arsenal and building your defenses . Do you have what it takes to stop the impending invasion of monsters and become the most formidable defender of your headquarters?

How To Play

  • Click to attack and eliminate the aliens.

Don't forget to test your strategic skills and win the similar tower defense game called Merge Archer Defense or Gold Tower Defense.

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