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Miami Crime Simulator 3D

About Miami Crime Simulator 3D

Playing as a police officer in Miami Crime Simulator 3D, you'll engage in third-person shooter action to kill and eliminate criminals. This is a game in the Grand Theft Auto style, with 50 extra missions to prepare you to clean up the criminal populations of Miami and Las Vegas. You can steal any kind of vehicle you want, from a car to a tank to a helicopter to a plane. In addition, there is a shop where you may buy items to help you in your quest to purge the city of all its sinners and assume the role of a holy cop. Challenges will come in the form of mafia family battles, theft, chaotic traffic, hired assassins, and more. Take a shot at  FPS Assault Shooter if you enjoy games of this type.

How to play Miami Crime Simulator 3D

Use the arrow keys or WASD to maneuver around, and A to fire. You may start the agent working by pressing LShift. Wheel of Time, Q, and E keys switch weapons.

How To Play


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