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Military Cubes 2048

Military Cubes 2048 is a physics game of the 2048 genre, the goal of the game is to remove all the blocks while achieving the highest possible score of 2048. During the game there is a support tool that will help Completing the game becomes more fun and simpler.

You need to achieve a certain maximum score to win this game. To start playing, you need to press the green button as soon as possible! Blocks will turn into a single block when 2 blocks of the same denomination are removed. You are required to roll new dice with different numbers each round on the open field area to produce a number that is significantly greater than the previous number. Take a close look at all the numbers in front of you and try to identify all the ways in which you can move them. To get an amount of at least 2048, you should do everything in your power. We hope you have a great time!


How To Play

  • Click on the green button and the appropriate number boxes.

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