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Money Man 3D

In the game Money Man 3D, your character is built with money, and your mission is to complete each level with as much money as you can collect. It's time to forget about traditional methods of making money because in this game you will have to overcome platforms full of traps and obstacles.

From the perspective of a earning character, you will progress through challenging levels. Be wary of challenges that have the potential to destroy your financial body. As you progress through each level in Money Man 3D, your character will move forward on his own; However, you should maneuver them left and right to escape the trap and collect money. The amount you have will decrease if you encounter a trap or barrier, and your character will start moving slower overall. If you want to become stronger, you need to make sure you avoid as many traps as possible and collect all the cash piles. Immediately after the end of the level, your character will move to the next level, which is a multiplier. You will receive a multiplier proportional to the amount you have accumulated during leveling up. Have a nice time!


  • Colorful 3D graphics.
  • Many levels with different score coefficients.
  • Entertaining and challenging gameplay.

How To Play

  • Click to move left/right and collect coins.

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