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Mr Bean Jump

Welcome to the funny game Mr Bean Jump! In this game, you will assist Mr. Bean trains his agility and jumping ability on moving blocks. Unlock wacky outfits and headpieces in the show to customize Mr. Bean to your liking and make him stand out from the crowd.

When you look at the screen in front of you, you will see an empty space in the middle where Mr. Bean will stand. Observe the screen with close attention. One would expect the boxes to approach him from many different directions. You will be able to climb as high as possible by jumping on moving blocks. To make Mr. Bean jumps up, you will have to wait until one of them is at a specific distance from the hero and then force him to jump. Note that you will be eliminated from the competition if you do not react in time and the box touches the character.

How To Play

  • Click to help Mr. Bean jumps on the block boxes.

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