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Mystic Object Hunt

In the mystery game called Mystic Object Hunt, you will be able to discover secrets, hidden items and ancient kingdoms in murky rooms and ruins. Develop your abilities, successfully overcome obstacles and investigate the mysteries hidden in each location.

There are fifteen different stages as you take your journey across the ancient kingdom. You will go to places located on the streets and even in residential areas that have common kitchen utensils. You need to locate specific things that are on the left and right sides of the picture, even if you are dealing with common objects. Simply clicking on an item will make it disappear, and you'll be rewarded with two hundred points for doing so. One hundred points will be deducted from your total score if you accidentally click on the incorrect object. If you give serious consideration, you will easily identify all the required objects. Because you have limited time, you need to avoid distractions, and you don't want that. A great hunt is about to begin, so get ready!

How To Play

  • Click to locate hidden items.

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