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Parkour Climb

In the Parkour Climb adventure, you'll be able to channel your inner parkour as you climb dizzyingly high hurdles and complete challenges. Perform parkour style wall jumps by touching the walls adjacent to you.

To progress through the levels, you'll need to strategically jump from wall to wall to collect power-ups like jetpacks and protective shields. Collecting shields will allow you to stop your fall, and purchasing jetpacks will increase your score. One of the most important Parkour Climb strategies for climbing higher is to become proficient in the art of timing your jumps. Becoming better than your previous best is the true test of your abilities. Let's see how high you can climb?

Tips and Tricks

  • For consistent leaps, make sure your taps are rhythmic.
  • Timing is the most important factor to successfully jump over walls.
  • To get a high score, you should buy a jet pack.
  • Use a shield to prevent an unexpected fall.

How To Play

  • Touch and click the appropriate points on the screen to jump.

Some games of the same genre can help improve your abilities such as Parkour World 2, Only Up Parkour 2. Let's explore its fun right now!

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