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In your Poptropica adventure, you'll discover the stories associated with each island and overcome the incredible challenges the game offers. Your goal is to collect rewards and win as the island's champion.

When you enter Poptropica for the first time, you will be rewarded with a reward if you collect gold pieces. If you want to visit the islands, you should fly in a hot air balloon and look at the map. On each island you will discover a mystery and after solving it you will be able to receive a gold medal for your achievement. As you complete the missions, you will discover that each island has several areas that you can explore. To get a complete picture of each island, you need to make sure to look around from top to bottom and side to side. Some hidden goods you can find on each island may be valuable during your excursions. There are several personalities that are essential to your quest progression, so make sure you engage in conversation with each of them!

How To Play

  • Click to collect rewards when you reach the island.

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