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Push The Colors

In the Push The Colors adventure you will find a variety of costumes in a two-player game in which you will have to compete in challenges with giants. The ultimate goal of each level is to win the giant, who is sitting and will not move from his position.

Get as many blocks as possible to the finish line to challenge the ultimate monster in a difficult melee battle. Remember that if you choose the wrong color, the number of blocks will decrease. Catch blocks and change their color by passing through different portals along the way. You will have more power if you possess a larger number of cubes. If you have a large number of cubes, you will be able to defeat the color monster. Throughout your journey, you'll need to make smart decisions to increase the number of cubes you own. During the incredible Push The Colors adventure, you will also collect a variety of costumes. The best thing for you is to always increase their numbers because doing so will increase your strength and allow you to reach the end of your journey with a great shield that will help you conquer your opponents. Hope you win in this competition!

How To Play

  • Click to send blocks to the finish line and defeat monsters.

Challenge and experience games like Color Galaxy or Discolor Master to compete with other players!

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