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Rabbids Volcano Panic

Welcome to the exciting game Rabbids Volcano Panic, where our goal is to try to stay safe and keep running until everyone else is eliminated. Take advantage of extra items and set traps for other players to play dirty and force them to fall first.

In the arena, you'll compete against 11 other people from around the world, which will make things simpler if it's just you. Don't feel guilty when others fall when you're trying to be the last one standing. It is essential to avoid staying on a brick for a long time because bricks that are stepped on will collapse and leave a hole. You won't believe how quickly these levels drop with twelve frightened bunnies rushing at them non-stop. Collect gold to unlock skins later, and grab any dice you have on hand to get enhancements like increased speed or healing feet. Some skins can be unlocked by watching short ads, even if you don't have any gold.


  • Beautifully designed 2D graphics.
  • There is event mode.
  • Over 25 skins to unlock.

How To Play

  • Click to control the character's running direction.

Don't give up hope and try to brighten up your look by wearing a new outfit. Then, come to Monster Collect Run or Circle Run Endless to experience it!

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