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Shoot Block Rush 3D

Shoot Block Rush 3D is a simple shooting experience in which you take on the role of the most effective destroyer and defeat the boss by shooting. To succeed, you will need to choose the right abilities and paths and the goal is to eliminate all the obstacles that stand in your way without stopping.

To assist the cowboy in navigating rows of colorful square blocks with numerical values, it is your responsibility to assist him. You will have at your disposal a large number of high-quality weapons, all capable of firing with high accuracy and without any lag. First go forward, then get over some blocks and then get over the biggest block which is at the end of the race. Make sure you are ready for the fact that there will be scary Orcs on the road ahead of you who will try to throw white blocks at your hero. After completing all stages, you can purchase improvements. If you're lucky, you'll be able to complete your mission and have a great time! Are you ready for this exciting game?

How To Play

  • Click to aim and shoot.

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