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Soccer Champ

About Soccer Champ

In order to score in Soccer Champ - a fun football game, you must take aim at the ball while it is in the middle of a diagonal and hit the goal. You can enter a competition, play solo, or team up with a friend to take on players from different nations. The best time to take a shot is when the ball is in the middle of the diagonal. There is a time penalty for each infraction. With the winnings, you can invest in better squads and lineups. Within the allotted 30 seconds, see if you can achieve the best possible score. Try out Penalty Kick Online and Goalkeeper Wiz to get a better feel for the game and practice your kicking skills at your own pace.

How to play Soccer Champ

Simply click the play button to begin, and then use the arrow keys to move the ball around.


How To Play


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