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Squidly Challenge Master

Squidly Challenge Master is a completely new and exciting online game where you will have to face dangerous missions and help the hero survive. In that context, you will be a participant in a survival program called Iga in Kalmara.

In front of the tree is a doll that is extremely terrifying for some reason. You will see the starting line on the screen in front of you, this is where the competing individuals will stand. They will proceed to run to the opposite side of the playing field in the direction of the finish line when given the signal. The installation of a robot girl will take place in front of her. It is necessary to stop immediately when the red light comes on. The robot girl will eliminate everyone who continues to move as long as they are in her way. Once the green light is activated, you will continue running. As a player of the Squidly Challenge Master game, it is your responsibility to assist the surviving hero to reach the finish line. Otherwise, you will be shot and lose the game. Wishing you success and reaching the finish line in 60 seconds!

How To Play

  • Click to control the running direction of the characters.

Do you really want to do these dangerous challenges? Check out Squid Escape or Squid Challenge Glass Bridge, these are similar games to test your bravery!

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